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Loud and clear explains more than just the quality of the solutions we deliver. The phrase also describes our process for building the right solution for our clients, and that process starts with our people. The people that do the work are the most critical part of any organization. We have assembled a staff whose design experience includes decades of work involving a broad variety of facilities.

We have participated in design and consultation for churches, synagogues, public buildings, schools, universities, major corporations, recording studios, and performing arts theaters. Because of our commitment to the long-term needs of our clients, many have used us for multiple projects spanning several years. We believe that our people are our greatest asset -- they believe that your facility deserves the best we have to offer.


Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas is the home of the
NFL Superbowl Champions - Dallas Cowboys.
The 12,500,000 cubic foot stadium has a measured reverberation time
in excess of twelve seconds.

Dickensheets Design Associates was retained to consult on procedures to
(1) quiet the excessively noisy exhaust fans and scoreboards that were producing excessive sound levels in excess of NC-80 in the audience areas, and (2) design a new sound system that would provide high speech intelligiblity, even sound coverage and high quality music playback.

DICKENSHEETS DESIGN was also contracted to supervise the implementation of the noise control and acoustical corrections and installation of the new sound system. This work was accomplished over a two year period with no down time lost from the event schedule.

The sound system is powered by more than 50,000 watts of amplifier output serving a central cluster of speakers providing sound coverage to the main playing field and lower front seating, eight lower peripheral speaker clusters providing sound coverage to the lower deck seating and thirty-six upper peripheral speaker clusters providing sound coverage to the upper deck seating. There is a special field monitor speaker cluster which lowers from the main speaker cluster over the field to a level of fifty feet above the field to provide high level sound monitoring to the playing field for half-time ceremonies and special events. Additionally, two ancillary speaker systems provide sound coverage to the stadium Circle Suites and Skyboxes and to the two outside concourses.

The design criteria of excellent speech intelligibility and
high quality music playback were exceeded.

Stadium Management: Texas Stadium Corporation

Stadium Architect: Magill Architects, Dallas, Texas


Power Amplifiers: BGW SYSTEMS

Equalization Equipment: White Instruments

Mixing Equipment: Yamaha and Soundcraft

Microphones: Crown, Sony


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